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This community is for fans and supporters of the Gwen x Rhys pairing from Torchwood

This is a community dedicated to the relationship between Gwen Cooper and Rhys Williams, from the BBC sci-fi drama Torchwood.


This community welcomes the posting and discussion of all things related to Gwen and Rhys's relationship as well as posts involving Gwen and Rhys as individual characters.

Such topics include:

1. Discussion of Gwen and Rhys and their relationship. Whether past events, present episodes, or theories for the future. Spoilers and news regarding these two characters and their relationship are also welcome/encouraged.

2. Posting and recommending of fanworks. Whether it's fanfiction, fanart, livejournal icons, or any other media relating to Gwen and Rhys. (Please use an LJ-cut if it is a larger image than 300x300.)

What is NOT allowed in this community as well as some other notes:

1. Character bashing/Pairing bashing of any kind. This will be dealt with by a moderator if it occurs. Please don't do it.

2. Spamming. Unnecessarily frequent posting is considered spamming. We will tell you to condense your posts if you do this.

3. Off-topic discussions. While you're welcome to discuss Gwen and Rhys as individual characters, please keep 'ship discussion limited to them. Furthermore, this is not a general Torchwood community. As much as we might all love Jack, Owen, Ianto and Toshiko, they're not really on topic here. The exception to this would be discussing how other characters affect and perceive this relationship.

4. Spoilers for new episodes are to always be placed behind an LJ-cut! Not everyone watches the new episodes via the same means, so just because you think everyone has seen it doesn't mean they have. To be safe spoilers are no longer spoilers four weeks after the original UK Air Date. Icon and graphic spoilers are a bit more unavoidable, but please keep this policy in mind for meta and fic at least. When labeling for spoilers list the episode being spoiled. For example: Spoilers for 02x09- Something Borrowed.

5. In order to make this all user-friendly, consider taking the time to spell-check your entries. Additionally, look through recent posts and see if what you're wanting to post about hasn't already been posted. Posts will be tagged to help out with this.

6. Always warn for any kind of explicit content in your posts or fanworks- sex, language, etc.

Thank you so much, and have fun here!


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