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Silver Lining (Rhys/Gwen, PG-13)
by me (mahmfic)
at November 1st, 2011 (09:13 am)

Title: Silver Lining
Author: mahmfic
Beta: czarina_kitty
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing(s): Rhys/Gwen, UST Jack/Gwen
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 5,861
Warnings: AU, Supernatural, Character Death.
Notes: Originally written for the 2011 Halloween Fest at torchwood_fest. My prompt was 'Rhys is bitten by a werewolf'. Thank you to whomever submitted the prompt. It's not something I usually write but it caught my eye.
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood.
Summary: Police Constable Gwen Cooper knows that the world isn't what it seems. She knows that creatures like vampires, zombies and trolls exist among us. In fact her boyfriend is a full-fledged werewolf. Yet Gwen's worldview is changed when she runs into a secret organization called Torchwood.

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